Do you have questions about Kerbex?

Against all stinging
and biting insects.

Hello dear horse owners,

we are often asked if there are differences in the use of KerbEX compared to other insect repellents for horses.

We cannot speak for other products. But we know about our quality, compatibility and mode of action.

Try KerbEX as an insect repellent for your horse or horses and tell us about your experiences.

To build up the longest possible protection for your horses, you should apply KerbEX as follows:

You will notice during this time that the insect infestation has become much less. From now on, spray your horse only when you notice that the infestation is increasing again. According to satisfied KerbEX customers, this is usually every 2-3 days. In case of continuous rain it can be a little more.

KerbEX Special is a pure oil against black flies.

KerbEX Spezial Special should be applied very thinly to the affected areas of the skin. When applying in the auricle, make sure that the amount applied is sufficient for protection but cannot reach the eardrum.

An application of max. every 3-4 days should be sufficient.

If you have any further questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We wish you a wonderful time with your horse.


KerbEX rot mit praktischem Sprühkopf, Vergleichssieger

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