Insect protection for horses
KerbEX – More peace and relief for your horse

KerbEX is an insect repellent especially developped for horses.

Just test KerbEX. It protects your horse against the most of the stinging or biting insects. – Your horse will be able to relax again.


KerbEX is characterized by its long lasting effect and its excellent skin tolerance.

Due to the special combination of essential oils, insect attac by blackflies, ticks, midges and horse flies will be reduced significantly.
Periodic application leads to a better effect.
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Horse Flies






Insect protection / insect defence for horses with KerbEX

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KerbEX produced in Germany and bottled.



KerbEX – We get along with horses!

Your horse relaxes more with our natural insect protection against blackflies, horse flies, midges and ticks.

When you are testing KerbEX, please tell us about your experience.