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KerbEX insect repellent will remain unchanged. With the new EquoCare product line, we will offer more high-quality products in our new online shop in the future.

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KerbEX is an insect repellent especially developped for horses.

Just test KerbEX. It protects your horse against the most of the stinging or biting insects. – Your horse will be able to relax again.

KerbEX is characterized by its long lasting effect and its excellent skin tolerance.

Due to the special combination of essential oils, insect attac by blackflies, ticks, midges and horse flies will be reduced significantly.
Periodic application leads to a better effect.You will find application information here.


Comparison of insect protection for horses

Insect protection for horses in the current comparison.

KerbEX insect repellent was rated “very good” on Vergleich.org and is the comparison winner.

KerbEX tick protection for dogs

In response to demand from many satisfied horse owners, we have now extended our product range to include our effective KerbEX tick repellent for dogs. Here too, preventive use of our tick repellent can significantly reduce infestation.

Anyone who spends a lot of time with their four-legged friend in the great outdoors – fields, forests, meadows, parks – knows how important protection against ticks is; these pests can also transmit diseases to dogs. Unfortunately, our KerbEX products are not suitable for cats.

KerbEX products can also be found in many specialist shops throughout Europe.

On our online shop page Equocare you will find a dealer search to find a specialist dealer near you.

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